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Voice over & Subtitling

Does your advertisement/movie/documentary require translating for the Lithuanian market? Along with subtitles, we can provide high quality voice overs for a variety of media needs, working with a selection of voice over artists - both male and female. Click on the audio player below for an example of one of our voice overs:


Translation is an art form and open to many different interpretations. Whilst a text may be technically correct, it could still lose a lot of the meaning. This is especially important in marketing texts, where a bad translation could eliminate many of your goals.

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Lithuanian Poofeading and editing

Do you have an existing translation in Lithuanian which you are not confident about? Whilst we prefer to translate documents from scratch, we can arrange for another translator to proofread it. This is the only way to eliminate any errors and uncertainties. Send your text to us via email and we will provide a free, no obligation review of the translation, leaving you to decide on whether you are happy to proceed.

Internet Marketing & Social Media campaigns
Lithuanian Internet marketing

Having your website translated into Lithuanian is only stage one in promoting your service or product to Lithuanian speakers. We work with web designers and social marketeers to actively promote your content on a variety of platforms. We can also optimise your existing Lithuanian language website to ensure the keywords you require are there – in meta data and image information. This is essential in getting your website ranked in search engines and your product seen by it's intended audience.

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